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Rebellion, Kagerou, Oboro added! 08-03-2019

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Here are some updates for today:

  • Added Kagerou, Oboro, and Rebellion has been added in-game. You can use Job Master NPC to change from Ninja or Gunslinger.
  • Added Summoner Equipment at Item Mall and Glory Shop NPC
  • Summoner HP Buff
  • Added Guild Package NPC

Guild Package Rewards:

Newbie Set added in Freebies NPC!

  • For those players who haven't reached Level 230, you can use the newbie set given by Freebies NPCs.
  • If you want to get the set, you can create another account to get the set and trade to your current account.
  • Here are the items added:



Updates that are not able to be updated as of today:

  • Heal and Provoke AOE update has failed. I will do another update later on.
  • Scribe Update



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