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FIx Cast Removed! 07-30-2019

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Here are the changes made as of today:

  • Added HD Ores in cash shop
  • Added Bloody Branch in cash shop
  • Production Professions (Artisan, Cook, Scribe) increase in EXP gain.
  • Ex. Super Novice to level 255/100 and HP Buff
  • Bloody Branch cant be used outside Branch Room --> needs recheck
  • Figure accessories can now be stored in storage
  • Removed item move restriction on Recruit hats from Freebies ( can now be store, drop, etc.. )
  • Mage Figure [1] added stat - reduces after cast delay by -3% when worn by mage classes.
  • Asura damage buffed
  • Mage skills after casts has been restored and adjusted.
  • No cast is 150 DEX
  • Stat points has been increased from 6000 to 7000.. Reset your stat if its not appearing correctly
  • Cold Bolt, Fire Bolt, and Lightning Bolt skills have 1 sec after cast delay.
  • Storm Gust, Lord of Vermillion, and Meteor Shower skills have 3 sec after cast delay.

Note: This update doesn't affect the importance of Clown Class skill 'Poem of Bragi'. Although casting can be removed at certain dex, after cast delay is un-affected by it. Bragi will improve the after cast delay on mages not just mages but all classes, Its still a Useful Class. Mages also has relatively low HP Pool and easily countered by GTB or Maya Card. They can't sustain when they take on damage and before updating Stats on Matk Mages magic Skills are so low they can't  even sustan also in PVE especially on higher level dungeons. To make up for these handicap, We have to remove fix casts so they'd be in-par with the rest of the classes which relied on high aspd. To counter GTB, Magic Crasher will pierce through GTB and is dependent with your weapon element.


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