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Maintenance @ 4:30pm!! Please be informed

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Here are the list we would implement for today's update (NOT YET IMPLEMENTED UNTILL POSTED IN UPDATES):

  • Profession System Revamps -- Rework on the usage of Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 Profession Tools.
  • Profession Gathering and Crafting item loots will have sell values for zeny farming
  • Add high zeny value items on Mining ( 3 Carat Diamond and Gold  ) and Hunting ( Witherless Rose and Four leaf clover ) 
  • Leveling spots improvements on low mob counts maps
  • Nimrod Vendor to lower stamina cost
  • Add to bazaar Bloody Branch ( Requirements : 175 Dead branch -> 5 Bloody branch for 10,000z each )
  • Increase Dead branch drop rates as much as 30 ~ 35%
  • All 3rd job items wearable to Trans [ If item is too imba, we will nerf it but please do make some reports ]
  • Reduce the number of monster to hunt in Hunting missions and reduce cooldown from 6hrs>>>3hrs

Maintenance time is still to be determined until I finished all these things at 4:30PM It's quite a lot of work, so, I need a bit more time 🙂


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