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[Completed] Emergency Maintenance!

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A weird server crash is detected. Please wait for further announcement until I can fix this problem.

I think I have enough info, I just need to try to fix this now. Thank you.




Problem has to do with Homunculus and Faction System. Apparently, it has some conflict with each other. Still trying to fix at the moment.


UPDATE as of 01:26AM ( 07-22-2019 ) 😞


Problem is now fixed. Now doing some fixes on NPCs.


Update as of 01:43AM  ( 07-22-2019 )


Server is now up!


Here are the changelogs:

Fix on server crash. It was due to Homunculus Skill `Defense` by Amistr in conflict with our Faction system. -- Fixed
Fix on Profession System Gathering EXP
Fix on Huntsmen issue on using Knives in gathering

Revamped the Gathering Classes' item procs
Revamped Sonic Blow -- nerfed from 350% buff to 300% only

Disabled Faction VS Faction on Event Maps
Disabled warp on maps gef_dun02, gef_fild03, gef_fild10, pay_dun04

Removed Mission Shop items that valued 150 Points -- bec its is useless

Added #main, #support, #faction, #map channels. You may use those channel to send message in chat box
Added Elemental Robe, Golden Ninja Suit, Mine Worker's Vest, Hippie Clothe, Vigilante Suit, Drifter's Cape, Spurred Boots and Liquor Bottle on Mission Shop ( can be worn by trans classes )
Added Gray Shard, Bloody Coin, and Tooth of Jitterbug on Mission Shop


Thank you for your support. We will also continue to do our best to 

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