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Profession Guide

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Hello Guys, this is my first time doing a guide just for you guys and it's about the Profession or Sub-classes. In this server you can choose 5 Different Professions. You can find them @go 5 or Izlude town as you enter from the Boat you came in as you can see from the Img Below. You start off as Level 1 with your profession and as you gather or produce material you gain exp Max level is 10 and as you progress you get to Gather or Produce rare Materials, some are use for getting Essence found in Item Bazaar, Cooking and Making Scrolls from Scribe. Check your level and experience by typing @profession. prof1.PNG

Gathering Class


Now We'll Start off from the Gathering Class, these 2 classes focuses on hunting or mining for materials use for producing High tier ingredients or items. You can sell them to Artisans,Scribes and Cooks.
Lets start with the Miner and the Huntsman Class.
You need certain equips to mine or to hunt you can buy it from the Masters Shop at a cheap price or you can get them at the bazaar Shop for certain Misc items to be traded or sold off.



Next is to Mine or hunt Materials, for miners you can get materials from different dungeons and for Huntsman you can find them at the Fields. Equip  first the Item you bought from the shop and then voila you can mine and hunt now, just be careful you can't attack other monsters when you're equipped with these items and while you are gathering materials.



And There you go. As you Gather mats you will also Consume Stamina from mining and hunting materials. Here's the list of Items you can hunt or mine:

For Hunting

Rare Bone
Rare Fang
Irregular claw
Quirky tooth
Majestic Fur
Prime Raw Meat
Prime Raw Meat
Prime Shank
Prime Round Steak
Fatty Tuna
Pink Salmon
Fresh Oyster
Elegant Scale
Luxurious Fur
Lavish Shell
Radiant tail
Golden Sac
Platinum Scale
Golden carapace
Golden Mane
Rainbow Fur
Golden Tuna
Perfecly Aged Steak


And For Mining:

Iron Ore 
Rough Elu 
Rough Oridecon
Metal Fragment
Crystal Fragment 
Diamond Fragment
Silver Ore
Gold Ore
Dark Crystal Fragment
Mithril Ore 
Platinum Ore
Orihalcum Ore

Production Classes


Consist of 3 Classes The Artisan, Scribe and the Cook, These Classes focus mainly on Producing items, Dishes and Scrolls use in Combat or Item Crafting
The Artisan for example will turn those gathered mats to high level items and that high level items can be sold to The Bazaar shop to unlock Essence:

Produce 1.PNG

There are 6 Essence you can unlock at the bazaar shop its for you to find out and try
Artisan Crafting List
Iron Ingot
Durable Glass 
Durable leather
Silver Ingot
Gold Ingot
Luxurious Diamond
Metal Alloy
Enchanted Stone 
Technicolor Plate
Mithril Ingot
Platinum Ingot
Spellbound Bone 
Celestial Skein
Ethereal Cloth 

Next Classes are the Scribe and Cook, I don't need to delve deep about these classes same concept with the Artisan you just need mats gathered from Miners and Hunters to create different scrolls, and for the Chef you can unlock higher level Dishes w/ custom buffs as you progress your level as a Master Cook Heres a sample Below

Produce 2.PNG

Produce 3.PNG

Produce 4.PNG

And That's all for the Profession heuheuheuheu Btw you can change your profession but you need to have profession ticket to do that good luck and enjoy 




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Here are the Maps for gathering Materials for Huntsman and Miners:

//Hunting Spot
gef_fild06 and 08
ein_fild06 and 07
mjolnir_03 and 04
pay_fild05 and 09
prt_fild10 and 11
spl_fild02 and 03


Pay_dun04 and 05


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10 hours ago, tcdeath12 said:

what are the professions for master?

There are only 5 professions in game Atm and they are The Miner, Huntsman, Scribe, Artisan and The Cook.

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On 7/22/2019 at 9:19 PM, Mooch said:

There are only 5 professions in game Atm and they are The Miner, Huntsman, Scribe, Artisan and The Cook.

You didn't answer his question xD. 

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9 hours ago, xstormrage said:

You didn't answer his question xD. 

I didn't quiet get about The masters he meant so I just answered which I understood haha my bad if it didn't answered his Question

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