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Update as of 10-07-2019 (Please patch)

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Status immunity has been nerf from 350 stat >> 250 stat to block status (stun,silence,etc..)
Increase drop rates from x5 to x10.
Normal card and equipment drop rates increase from x10 to x20
Boss card and equipement drop rates increased from x5 to x10
Reimplemented Renewal Drop and Exp Rates -- IMPORTANT
Removed [Synth] Battle Essentials in-game and replaced with [Synth] Exp Essentials and [Synth] Drop Essentials
Updated Bazaar Shop NPC
Updated Craft NPC
Implemented Artisan profession and craft NPC
Implemented Scriber profession and craft NPC
Added custom items needed for new professions

Skill Revamps (Ninja, Kagerou, Oboro):

Throw Shuriken cd 1 make it number of hits 2 and consume 2 shuriken 
Throw Kunai cd 2 seconds increase number of hits 3 but consume 3 kunais; Nerf damage by 40
Throw Huuma Shuriken cd 1sec
Flip tatami CD from 4 seconds >> 3 seconds
Haze Slasher increase range 5 cells; Buff damage 40%
Shadow Slash make it 2 hits; Will attack even if not in Hide status and nerf 25%
Killing Strike Current Damage buff damage from 0.8 >> 1.1 damage increase
Flaming Petal Buff Damge by 110%; cd 1sec 
Lightning Spear buff Damage by 100% 1 sec
Wind Blade buff damage 70% 
Blaze Shield buff damage 200%
Watery Evasion ignores GTB immunity
Lightning Jolt stun target 60^% chance buff damage by 35%
Snow Flake Buff Damage 100%
First Wind Confuses Target 60% chance buff damage by 35%
Cicada Skin Shed Dodge 8 attacks lvl 5; 10 sec cd
Mirror Image Dodge 10 attacks CD 5 seconds
Illusion - Shadow Buff HP 
Illusion - Bewitch only Target will be confuse not both cd lowered to 6 seconds
Cross Slash cd reduced to 2 seconds
Kunai Splash cd 0.5seconds reduce number of kunai used from 8>4
Explosive Kunai Nerf by 40% then set Element fix to Fire Property
Release Ninja Spell CD 5 seconds; nerf damage by 50%
Cast Ninja Spell Set CoolDown 10 seconds
Swirling Shuriken nef damage by 40%
Rapid Throw Nerf Zeny Usage from 100000z at level 10 to 30000z to all levels
Shadow Trampling - CD set to 5 seconds 
Distorted Crescent just nerfed Odd number adjustment to half the Even number from 30 -> 10

Important notice:

We will be disabling warp to boss maps in warper npc. It will be done tomorrow or the next day.

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Additional HP Adjustments:

Lord Knight nerf 5%
Paladin buff 5%
Stalker buff 10%
Assassin Cross nerf 5%
Sniper buff 5%
Clown/Gypsy buff 10%
Champion buff 5%
High Priest buff 15%
Professor buff 15%
High Wizard buff 15%
Whitesmith buff 5%
Creator nerf 5%
Kagerou/Oboro buff 15%
Rebellion buff 10%
Star Gladiator buff 10%
Soul Linker buff 15%
Super Novice buff 55%
Expanded Super Novice buff (Max Level 200/70) 70%


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