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Future Plans before/on Official Launch

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1. Soft Wipe/Rollback ( Aside from bug abuse, this will also be a bit fair for new players )

    - This will delete all items on all player's inventory and storage and equps.
    - All expanded jobs (kagerou, oboro, rebellion) will be reverted back to basic jobs. They will be brought back after damages are matched to a trans job
    - Players current base and job levels will be kept as is.
    - Faction on your characters will be reverted back to neutral. You may choose a new faction.
    - MVP Ladder will be reset.

2. Faction System ( Rework )

    - Remove Element but Race will be kept
    - Additional Stats will be added to compensate for Element Removal
    - Remove Sizes ( all will be at normal size )

3. Compensations

    - All Beta players will be compensated.
    - Accounts with characters at least  level 200/70 will get Extra CASH POINTS and some extra items for your efforts in participating the Beta phase.

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